What is Emissary?

Emissary is a science-fantasy Role Playing Game that takes inspiration from Dune, The Metabarons & The Incal, Altered Carbon, Exalted, and Biomega. Players take on the roles of Emissaries, powerful humanoids who can call upon the simulacra of an alien artifact implanted in their bodies to perform superhuman feats. The level of connection to the ideals to which your Emissary ascribes gives you power, also called Sympathy. Distancing yourself from those ideals results in Apathy, the equivalent of Sympathy but with far greater danger.

The W's

WHO: My name is Brent, and I'm going to guide you on your first adventure as Emissaries. My players will be any people who gain admission to Salt Con 2017 and would like to participate.

WHAT: We'll be using the Emissary Role Playing Game by Shrike Studios. This is a system which can be obtained online through Drive Thru RPG. It's a great system. You don't even need to bring anything with you. I'll provide character sheets, dice, pencils, and a few teaching aids to help you learn how to play.

WHEN: We'll be playing on Friday, March 3 at 11pm and again on Saturday, March 4 at 5pm. These are both during Salt Con, and we'll be playing for as long as the adventure takes. Plan on between 3 and 5 hours.

WHERE: We'll be playing in the Davis Convention Center's Stratus Halls 5/6 on Friday then in Stratus Halls 7/8 on Saturday.

Keep in Touch

This campaign is still a few months out. Please check back frequently and let me know about any comments or suggestions you have! I'll be updating information here periodically.

Emissary: Encroaching Shadows

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